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Development Consultancy

As a property development consultants we would like to use our skills and time to understand what you want for your future development and vision. The first step we would like to take is to consult with you, using simple yet feasible analysis report of your project to help you deciding whether this project is worth pursuing. Enrich Property Group’s development consultants have years of experience and knowledge of the Melbourne Market and property development. We have strong local and global research capability which helps us draw upon the vast skills of senior research and professional personnel on a global basis.

With the given authority we will consult on your behalf on the following:

  • Liaise with high profile Architects, landscape architect and interior designers.
  • Enrich Property Group’s Agents to estimate the selling prices and the investment growth of the completed project.
  • Town planners, arborist and traffic engineer for the development.
  • Financial experts producing test and risk analysis report
  • Legal negotiation and advice.
  • Property and estate strategies
  • Valuers to help obtain bankable valuations.
  • Land surveyors, arranging the completion of the land and survey process.
  • Other experts in their fields that will guide you to a successful result.
  • Guidance through the public/private partnership interface

Enrich Property Group not only consults but we also like to listen to our clients, as we value their ideas, visions and inputs. Together as a team, we form strategic approaches to ensure both our vision can be approved. We manage the construction stage, bringing your vision to reality in an efficient and cost effective way. Once the developments are approved and in progress, we can also help you market the property/project.

It is important to have local knowledge and resource for a project development, with our most updated resource it will help us achieve the maximum value from the development project. We are here to offer you a combination of property development expertise and local resource, as we understand the importance and the risks of property development.

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